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Working Papers

Andrew Gooch. "Campaigning during Presidential Primaries: National Trends in Vote Intention but Localized Knowledge". Currently revise and resubmit at American Politics Research.

Andrew Gooch and Greg Huber. "Exploiting Donald Trump: Using Candidates' Positions to Assess Ideological Voting in the 2016 and 2008 Presidential Elections". Currently under review. [URL]

Andrew Gooch. "Generating Support for New Wars: Presidential Cues and Justifications".

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Alan Gerber, Andrew Gooch, and Greg Huber. "Evaluations of Candidates' Non-policy Characteristics from Issue Positions: Evidence about Valence Spillover."

Works in Progress

Andrew Gooch. "Partisan Storytelling". Book project in design stages.

Andrew Gooch and Greg Huber. "Unusual Issue Position: What Happens When Candidates Violate Party Norms?". Manuscript writing stage.

Andrew Gooch and Greg Huber. "Measuring Donation Behavior to Partisan and Nonpartisan Organizations". Data analysis stage. 

Andrew Gooch and Greg Huber. "Informing Citizens about Extreme Policy Positions". Data analysis stage.